What You Missed Around Denver While You Were Away Welcome back to the Mile High City! Here’s a quick recap of what you might have missed while jet-setting… Denver, Colorado June 3 - 9, 2016 [accordion] [accordion_toggle title="Denver Chalk Art Festival"] This past weekend, Downtown Denver’s Larimer Square was blocked off for the 14th Annual 2-day Chalk Art Festival. Amateur and professional artists spent almost 18 hours on their hands and knees to create masterful chalk murals. It was a hot weekend for artists and spectators, but the lack of rain allowed the artists to complete their chalk murals without any interruptions. One of the chalk murals that reimagined Darth Vader in 3-D was featured on Mashable.com. Check out the Denver Post article for the full list of Denver’s Annual Chalk Art Festival winners. [/accordion_toggle] [accordion_toggle title="Flash Floods and Hail"] This past Monday afternoon, Colorado went from pleasurable weather to a massive downpour and, for the South Denver Metro Area, an intense hailstorm. Golf sized hail was reported in parts of Castle Rock, damaging homes and vehicles. Catch all the photos and videos, including a girl who was rescued by the news van while getting caught in the hailstorm on her bike on 7news.com. [/accordion_toggle] [accordion_toggle title="Denver Broncos Honored at White House"] President Barack Obama honored Super Bowl 50 Champions, the Denver Broncos, at the White House this past Monday. It was a full house that was attended by the wives, active players, Manning and Mayor Hancock. President Obama shared his input about the Denver Broncos and recognized our home team as having great defense. See all the photos and read more details on 9news.com. [/accordion_toggle] [accordion_toggle title="Truck Crashes into Colorado Convention Center"] A careless, impaired driver crashed his truck into the Colorado Convention Center located in Downtown Denver this past Monday. The truck came very close to Denver’s iconic Blue Bear but luckily, according to the Denver Police Department’s twitter account, the bear did not receive any injuries. Watch the full story on Fox31 Denver’s website. [/accordion_toggle] [accordion_toggle title="82 Year Old Broomfield Man Rocks America’s Got Talent"] Yes, you read that headline correctly. 82-year-old John Hetlinger from Broomfield, Colorado has become a reality tv star after performing the heavy metal song “Bodies” by Drowning Pool on America’s Got Talent this past week. Click here for the full story and video.   [/accordion_toggle] [/accordion]