At Canopy Airport Parking, valet airport parking is made easier and more affordable with an Express Toll pass. Travelers with an Express Toll pass can expect to get into the Canopy Airport Parking space much faster, and more affordably. The Express Toll pass can be combined with the 5280 Rewards subscription that gives a 15% discount on parking expenses at the Canopy lots. So, basically, customers that have an Express Toll pass that also frequently pass through the DIA should consider getting a 5280 Rewards subscription. This combination of cards will speed up entry and exit time (because the card is already in the system) and provide discounts on Express Toll fees via the 5280 discounts.  

Parking Without The Express Toll Pass?

Valet airport parking without an Express Toll pass can sometimes be quite time-consuming. Infrequent or new customers will need to sign up at the front desk before getting access to a parking spot. The costs will be more and the wait time will be longer. This is a risky proposition for any traveler, given the fact that airports can get very busy, and missing a flight is an expensive mistake.  

Canopy Has Integrated Highway Toll Technology

Canopy also happens to be the first valet airport parking company to integrate the highway toll system into its operational procedure. Travelers who are used to the toll system will recognize the E-470 toll technology set-up in front of the parking garages. It is advisable to take advantage of this integrative technology. It might just make the difference between missing and making a departure. So, let’s do a quick rundown. In the first place, Canopy offers discounts on parking via their 5280 rewards subscription. Frequent travelers who already have an Express Toll pass can save up to 15% by signing up for this subscription. In the second place, travelers with an Express Toll pass can benefit from less wait time because Canopy has integrated the highway toll technology into their operating system. These are two benefits of an Express Toll pass that make valet airport parking a much cheaper and easier experience.