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When you plan for the next family vacation, there are many different expenses to keep in mind. Besides the bigger and more noticable expenses such as lodging, activities, and plane tickets, there are also many smaller aspects to consider. Things like rental cars, gas, food, souvenirs, and even airport parking can all add up and can catch you by surprise if you don’t plan accordingly.  

Canopy Airport Parking wants to help you cut down the added expense of airport parking and we are here to give you all the tips and tricks to help you save money on your next trip.  

Read the Fine Print

It is important to check for hidden fees before booking. Oftentimes companies will sneak in a couple of extra charges that can really add up at the end of the day. Before you confirm any bookings whether it be for an airline or airport parking, always read the fine print! This will save you time, money, and frustration down the road.

Do an Advanced Booking

Many parking lots offer discounts up to 15% for advanced booking and reservations. Many people seem to forget about airport parking, but if you’re able to remember and plan ahead, you can save a ton of money! To find out if your airport parking lot offers any discounts, check out their website. Sometimes you can find the information under promotions, or simply on their online booking page. Additionally, you can always call ahead to ask.

Do Your Research

Surf the web and check out company websites to call about current or upcoming promotions. Again this takes a bit of foresight, but will be worth it when you save money right before your trip. You can even google “Airport Parking Promotions at DIA” and there should be a helpful line of businesses offering great deals.

Look Around for Discounts

Almost every airport parking lot has their own set of promotions and discounts. At Canopy Airport Parking, we offer a 30% discount to all teachers, airline personnel, and military service members. We also have special offers and promotions to help support Susan G. Komen, American Cancer Society, and local universities. It you can plan ahead you can shop around and find a parking lot that fits your needs and your budget!

Get a Membership

Getting a membership to an airport parking lot can save you time and money! At Canopy we call our membership the “5280 Club: Canopy Rewards”. This is a free rewards program and just for signing up you will receive:

  • 15% off every stay

  • Ability to earn free days

  • Online personal account access

All you need to sign up is your personal information and we will send you a loyalty card in the mail, it’s that simple!

At Canopy Airport Parking, we are here to provide top quality customer service 24/7. Please visit our website and call us with any further questions you may have.