A lot of frequent flyers probably know something about airports that regular people do not: discounted airport parking is actually not hard to find. It’s understandable why people get the wrong impression of airport parking prices. There are three main reasons for such a misconception.

The Airport Is Expensive

In the first place, it’s expensive to get to the airport, especially if it’s an international airport. Even if the flight is domestic and scheduled from a smaller airport the issue around airport accessibility remains. In the second place, almost everything else at the airport is double the price of anywhere else. This is especially true of food and drinks but is also true of books and magazines. The reason for this price discrepancy is obvious: airports exist in a food desert and travelers are often stuck waiting for hours in the departure lounge after security and before their flight begins boarding. Getting a meal in an airport food establishment is usually the last thing people want to do, but sometimes hunger is too strong.   In the third place, travelers probably get the impression that airport parking is expensive because of how expensive food and drink is.  This is unfortunate because if more people knew how discounted airport parking is, they would probablyhave a more enjoyable traveling experience.  

discounted airport parking

There Are Good Deals For Parking

Discounted airport parking deals exist at all major airports. A lot of companies will offer membership deals to travelers that provide discounts over the short and long-term. Canopy Airport Parking is a good example of one of these companies. Travelers leaving for just one night or for 1 month + can benefit from leaving their car parked at the airport for the duration of their travels. Then, when they come back, they can save money on a cab home because their car is available. They will save money, that is, if they have a solid discounted airport parking deal.