Living in Denver has its ups and downs. Some of the ups are pretty literally right in front of your face. The gorgeous mountains with their stunning ridges make for a dynamic geographic landscape that is really second to none. Another benefit to living in Denver is the lovely people that make up the city. There is a definite charm and familiarity that Denver natives should be proud of because though it’s a big city in numbers it is a small community in it’s feeling on the street. One of the obvious downs, though, is the harsh winters. The amount of ice and snow felt in the high altitudes of Denver are not for the faint of heart. This kind of steely attitude applies to vehicles as well, some of which are not designed for months of ice and snow.  

indoor airport parking

Indoor Airport Parking Has More Protection From The Elements

This is why, when it comes to airport parking options, indoor airport parking is a better option in the Denver area during the cold winter months. Just imagine going on a holiday in the dead of winter and leaving your car parked outside the entire time. If it were a 1998 Toyota Corolla it might not start up again upon your return. Knowing that your car is safe inside during a holiday to the Caribbean in the middle of February will bring much calm and peace of mind.  

Indoor Airport Parking Is Also Safer From Potential Theft

Indoor airport parking is also a tremendously safe option. It is much harder to pick out a car that is lumped into rows and rows of vehicles in a multi-floor car parking garage. In contrast, leaving your new Jeep parked in a half-empty outdoor parking lot leaves it quite exposed.  

Save Your Vehicle From the Elements

Some of the best airport parking companies know that a completely exposed outdoor parking lot is not ideal. Canopy Airport Parking, an airport parking company based at the Denver International Airport (DIA) offers outdoor parking with a covered roof. This protects less durable vehicles from the elements in the coldest months of the year and also makes each vehicle seem more discreet.