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Kids have endless amounts of energy, especially when they are excited and anxious for your family vacation! It can be hard to plan out what needs to be packed, get everything and everyone in the car, park, go through security, and survive the flight.

Keeping up with your kids is hard enough, add travel into the mix, and they have a serious leg up. Oftentimes parents find themselves stressed about air travel with their little ones, but below we are going to discuss some packing tips and travel hacks that will make this process much easier for you!

Let Your Kids Pack Their Own Personal Item

By letting your older kids pack their own small backpack, you are giving them the choice of toys they want to bring for the journey. It is recommended to encourage them to bring:

  • Arts and crafts- crayons and a coloring book or stencils.

  • A few small toys like legos, dolls, or baby toys.

  • An electronic device to play games and watch movies

  • Comfortable kids headphones

Pack on the Light Side

There is no reason to make the stress worse by packing the entire house for a family trip. Pack just the essentials and remember that if you leave something behind, there are usually stores nearby to replace items that were forgotten at home.

Bring lots of Snacks!

Kids tend to get cranky and uncomfortable when they are hungry. Bring items like:

  • Sandwitches

  • Crackers

  • Granola bars

  • Trail mix

  • Don’t forget water!

Having snacks on hand will help you and your little ones remain content throughout the journey.

Buy a Travel Friendly Stroller

Lugging around a bulky stroller can be difficult when loading on and off a plane. Here is a list of small, compact and durable strollers that are designed for travel. It will make transitioning on and off the plane so much easier!

Fly Early in the Day

Most kids tend to be in the best mood after a good night of sleep. By traveling first thing in the morning, you give yourself ample time to reach the destination before your children become tired and cranky.

Layer your Kids Clothes

As most people know, airplanes can be cold! Make sure your kids have a sweater or flannel so they don’t find themselves shivering mid-flight.

Have your Kids Wear Slip-on or Velcro Shoes

This is a life saver when going through security. It can be hard enough to take your own shoes off while also trying to load your luggage onto the conveyor belt. By having your kids wear shoes they can take off themselves, it will save you time and stress during this leg of the airport journey.

Parenting has its own challenges, but you don’t have to make your family vacation be one of them! Canopy Airport Parking is dedicated to making family travel easier than ever with non-stop shuttle service, and a team of employees who are committed to customer service. So next time you find yourself traveling out of DIA, remember to park your car at Canopy so we can help you make your trip that much easier.