Airport parking coupons and reward subscription options are the two methods that airport parking companies rely on to bring in new customers. These are different business strategies that rely on various methods to get the same result. Each has their pros and cons, depending on the size of the business, and the kinds of customers they are appealing too.

Benefits Of Airport Parking Coupons

The advantage of airport parking coupons is that they are cheaper in the short term for irregular users. Some companies will offer airport parking coupons to customers based on the frequency of use. It’s a very similar method to the coffee card option: cafes will give out free coffee to customers every time they buy 12 coffees, for example. In the airport parking business, companies will advertise many different coupon deals to their customers. Unlike in the cafe industry, however, these can be first-time customers or regular visitors - it makes no difference. A typical example is 5$ off the average daily rate, active for up to a week. This kind of deal emphasizes the urgency of the offer - it’s only on for a limited time! - and does not get any better for regular users.  

Benefits of Reward Subscription Options

The benefit of reward subscription options is that they give amazing discounts to members on a regular basis. It is really up to the customer to decide what kind of membership they want based on how often they fly. A new member may only fly twice a year, but under a subscription deal, they might get 10 or 15 percent off each time. Another benefit of the subscription option is that additional seasonal discounts are often added.   From an objective point of view, a long-term arrangement will save more money over the long-term, while airport parking coupons are helpful for those who travel here and there once a year or so. Interested customers can look around at the options and decide for themselves.