What You Missed Around Denver While You Were Away Welcome back to the Mile High City! Here’s a quick recap of what you might have missed while jet-setting… Denver, Colorado July 8 - 14, 2016 [accordion] [accordion_toggle title="Tim Howard Voice of DIA Train"] Did you notice there was a new voice that welcomed you back to Denver on the DIA train? Tim Howard, the new goalie for the Colorado Rapids who also played for the US Men’s National Team in the last World Cup, is the new voice on the train at Denver International Airport. If you missed the new greeting, you can hear it here. [/accordion_toggle] [accordion_toggle title="Record Heat "] Colorado has been experiencing a heat wave! This last Sunday reached 102-degrees, which is the warmest temperature recorded since 2012. Typically, the Mile High City averages two 100-degree days each year, and in 2015 we did not have a single 100-degree day, unlike 2012 when we experienced 13 days of record heat.  See the highest temperature rankings over the years here. [/accordion_toggle] [accordion_toggle title="North I-25 Tolls Begin"] Since March, commuters have been able to take advantage of the Express lane on I-25 between US 36 and 120th Avenue. However, this last Tuesday, the Express lanes started charging for tolls on the six-mile stretch. ExpressToll fees will vary throughout the day and commuters can expect to be charged higher fees during rush hour. Drivers that register for the switchable HOV ExpressToll pass can take advantage of free tolls when traveling with 2 or more people. Get the full story and view toll fees on the Denver Business Journal here. [/accordion_toggle] [accordion_toggle title="Pokemon Pops Up at DIA"] Denver International Airport is the latest location to be infested with Pokemon. Be on the lookout for these Japanese monsters while traversing through DIA. If you are totally out of the loop, Pokemon Go is the new app craze and involves people downloading the free app and essentially going on a scavenger hunt to catch all the Pokemon’s. But it’s not just Denver International Airport, the whole city of Denver is experiencing the infestation of Pokemon. Learn more from the Denver Westword here and see the photos of Pokemon at DIA here. [/accordion_toggle] [accordion_toggle title="Wildfires"] The state of Colorado has been experiencing record heat and has had very little rain, which has caused wildfires to pop up around the state. At one point this last week there were 7 wildfires burning in Colorado including Beaver Creek, Spring Gulch, Hayden Pass, Lodgepole, Fort Carson, LTE 4 Mile and Cold Springs. The Cold Springs Fire is located near Nederland in Boulder County, and so far has burned 8 houses. This fire was started by two gentleman from Alabama, who have been arrested and are facing arson charges. Learn about the wildfires across the state here and click here for the latest on the Cold Springs Fire that forced over 400 people to evacuate and threatened over 65 homes. [/accordion_toggle] [/accordion]