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No one likes sitting in traffic, especially on their way to making a flight. It can be additional stress right before your exciting trip, and honestly, nobody deserves that. In this blog, we are going to direct you through Denver’s traffic patterns and give you insider tips so you can beat the rush. Denver is an amazing city with so much to offer in the Rocky mountains, hundreds of parks, bike paths, and seasonal outdoor activities.  This has fostered an influx of people residing in our beautiful state and our city is experiencing population growth at a shocking rate. Unfortunately, the infrastructure can not sustain the recent expansion, resulting in heavy traffic in the metro area. To avoid delays, it is best to utilize Colorado’s main highways, I-25 and I-70. These are the main arteries to and from DIA, and are the best routes to get to just about anywhere else in the metro area.


Road Rage

Traffic typically starts around 7:15 am and is over around 9:30 am.  If you plan on driving to Denver International Airport during this time, it is advised to check your favorite map app for estimated times of arrival and traffic delays. Google Maps and Waze are both great choices and provide up to the minute traffic updates, so you will always know what you are encountering on the highway.


The second rush hour in Colorado begins around 2:45 pm and lasts until 6:45 pm. During this entire timeframe, both I-25 and I-70 are jammed packed. During the afternoon, it is best to check for alternate routes as any accidents or closures are sure to upset this already precarious situation. Local news stations tend to pick up on the accidents and broader traffic patterns quickly and are a great source of information.


This is your best choice for avoiding typical highway traffic. The toll road is accessible from north Thornton and runs as far south as Lone Tree. For a small fee, you can bypass the regular standstill and arrive at your destination in a jiffy. Often the time and gas saved, cover the cost of this service, especially during the busy times of day.  


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Apps and Websites to help you! Waze (Android, Apple) Google Maps Denver 7 (ABC affiliate) 9 News (NBC affiliate)