Oil change services are not the most complicated procedures. Even though everyone knows this, the standard car mechanic does not offer regular deals on their oil change services. Every time you visit a mechanic to get some work done, they will charge a standard fee for the work involved. While some mechanics will eventually give deals to long-term customers who provide them with a lot of work, the majority of garages in the Denver area rely on a standard rate for their work.This includes oil change rates.  

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Mechanics Have Their Own Standard Rate

It's understandable given that running a small business can be costly and inconsistent. Making money where and when you can is part of the attitude of an independent mechanic shop.  

The Membership Discount At Canopy

It is ironic, however, that oil change services can be procured for a cheaper price at some airports than mechanic shops. Take Canopy Airport Parking’s oil change service, for example. This service is offered as part of a package for members of the 5280 rewards membership. Paying members can have their oil checked at the airport while they are out of the country for less than it would cost at a local mechanic shop. Why is that? The oil change is discounted for members because they are paying into the broader array of services offered by Canopy, including windshield repair, car wash, and of course short and long-term parking. Customers should keep this oil change service in mind the next time they visit the Denver International Airport for a trip. It’s probably going to save time and money to join up with Canopy on a monthly basis. They offer more than just competitive rates on parking at the airport.

For those who are tired of paying a premium for a simple oil change should sign up with Canopy and start to reap the benefits of a discounted package deal like the 5280 membership plan.