Like any international airport, the Denver International Airport crams a lot of different uses into one space. There are so many terminals with a bunch of corresponding entrances and exits that make the whole thing seem like a maze. Even those who live in the Denver area and use the airport frequently will tell you it takes some getting used to. It is the largest airport in America in terms of total land area.  
Wouldn’t it be nice if cheap airport parking was the norm?  It would make travel just a little bit more affordable because let's face it: traveling is not cheap. The taxi from the airport to your final destination; lunch and dinner out and about; a book at the airport - the list goes on and on.
Long-term airport parking is a worthwhile service to take advantage of. Cutting costs wherever possible is one of the hallmarks of intelligent travel, and long-term airport parking at the Denver International Airport is probably one of these intelligent cost-cutting decisions.
What are the long-term options when it comes to parking for DIA customers? The answer is quite simple: look for Canopy Airport Parking, a company that is changing the world for the better.
Employee Spotlight: Mark Parker - I love the weather here in Colorado and the fact that it is sunny 300 days a year. My family and I love outdoor sports and recreation. There is so much of that to enjoy here in our great state!
Canopy Airport Parking strives to be accessible for all. This is clear from the number of services offered, ranging from an oil change to valet airport parking, to an electrical car charging station for those flying through the Denver International Airport. It is also clear from the different types of airport parking discounts and rewards programs that are on the table for regular (or even first-time) customers.
Valet airport parking is a fantastic service that helps you get all of your luggage close to the check-in desk, as well as park your car quickly and safely, without having to do all of the running back and forth. However, it is not every day that someone uses valet airport parking, so what's the proper way to act? How are you supposed to treat your valet driver? What's the proper protocol for tipping?
As electric vehicles become more popular, there is an increasing demand for some clarity on EV car charging. This is a practice that has only been around for a short time, so not everyone thinks about electric vehicle charging the same way. We've taken a moment to outline some of the etiquettes for EV car charging to help keep everyone happy and fully charged!
We can all agree that getting to the airport can be a huge hassle, especially if you are not alone. From struggling with luggage, to making sure everyone is safe and accounted for, it can be quite an ordeal. Today we are going to explore all the different ways to get your loved ones, yourself, and all your belongings to the airport in one piece! Without losing your mind…