Canopy Airport Parking is one of the Greenest Parking Facilities in the World!

Canopy is proud to be one of the greenest parking garages in the world that is run primarily on SOLAR, WIND and GEOTHERMAL technologies. Our green parking facility at DIA was featured on a Travel Channel segment, showcasing our green initiatives.

At Canopy, we believe airport parking can be more than just an extra step in your travel plans. While we pride ourselves on making this step as effortless as possible, our team also saw an opportunity to make a positive impact on a service that is utilized worldwide.

The Canopy Airport Parking facility at Denver International Airport was built to run as efficiently as possible and continues to reduce the overall impact of resources typically used by long term parking facilities. We have become the first off-site airport parking facility to be Green Garage Certified and therefore, while you are away your vehicle is taking part in something great with the Canopy Parking team. For our customers and for the environment, we welcome you to the world’s greenest parking facility.

Canopy Airport Parking is the first airport parking facility in the world to receive Green Garage Certification, and are proud to be a part of the Electric Vehicle (EV) rEVolution®. Canopy offers 8 EV Juice Bar charging stations with Level 1, 2 and 3 (DC fast charge) connections located in covered and valet parking, open 24/7/365.

EV owners enjoy 30% off daily rates and earn rewards with the new 5280 EV Club!

Now Open! Full Service Commuter Quick Charge Stations

What makes Canopy Airport Parking a world class green parking facility?

  • Our 4,200 space, 40 acre lot is made from sustainable or recycled materials
  • Pavement was made from recycled shingles
  • Steel is made from recycled cars
  • Canopy has almost a net 0 carbon footprint
  • Canopy is at least 80% more efficient than comparable facilities around the world
  • Energy efficient LED lights are used that take up only 20% of electricity of a normal lighting fixture
  • While the facility is running on almost no electricity, on-site solar fields produces any of the electricity that is consumed.
  • Canopy offers 8 free Juice Bars (electric car charging stations)
  • These charging stations can recharge a car battery in 2 hours flat
  • Learn about our Commuter EV Quick Charge Stations that are open to the public!

Green Technologies Used At Canopy

Solar Panels

Solar Panels: A 16.9 kW solar array by Sharp Solar Electricity

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines 9.6 kW wind turbine farm from Windspire Energy

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy 300-foot deep bore holes with heat pump technology


Free recharge for plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. The Juice Bars located in covered parking are first come first served, and Canopy is not responsible for other customers unplugging cars. If you want to ensure that your car will be charged, please park in valet.


LED lighting is energy efficient, and reduces light pollution and toxic waste.

Reflective Roof

Reduces Indoor Valet air conditioning load

Recycled Asphalt

Asphalt is created from recycled roofing shingles

Porous Pavement

Moderately filters rain and snow runoff

Covered and Indoor Parking

Reduces automotive air conditioning load

Eco-Friendly Buses

We operate Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses, Biodiesel buses and Flex Fuel shuttles