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Air travel is one of the biggest contributors towards global warming and there are several airlines taking CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) rather seriously. What about airports? Every time there is a proposed expansion for airports there is a huge furore from the environmentalists and rightly so. Airport expansion not only affects the environment but it also adversely affects people's health and the property market.

I remember reading and watching a case study video about Heathrow's planned expansion of their newest terminal, well before it was opened and as far as airport expansion goes, they set the bar up high. The CSR policy that they used, focused on sustainability so much so that when they had to re-route a major water way, they moved everything from the old location to the new one - fish, rocks, soil, plants, everything. Now I saw the video when I was a student and remember being terribly impressed but no matter what your level of expertise is in the field, moving a water way and restoring it, is an ambitious undertaking.

BAA (Business Associate Agreement) recently launched the fourth, in a new series of sustainability briefings entitled 'Towards a Sustainable Heathrow', is launched by BAA this week. The latest CSR focus includes education as well as employment and skills. Heathrow is one of the world's major airports. Not only does it handle enormous air traffic, but it also supports over 320 other businesses operating out of it which employ around 76,500 people at the airport. A sustainability policy must cover all these aspects.

Solar Panels

The sustainability initiatives which are released as a series focuses on climate change, noise and air quality and will continue throughout 2011 with a focus on the economy, waste, water and biodiversity. There is an ever increasing pressure on the aviation industry to clean up its act and decrease its impact on the environment. BAA believes that unless it can demonstrate that the economic, environmental and community impacts are effectively managed, it will not be relied upon to operate Heathrow.

Several other airports are also making an effort to increase their green credentials through sustainable development and CSR. The Denver international airport was recently touted as having one of the greenest parking facilities. The Canopy Airport Parking will harvest 16.9 KW of electricity from solar panels, as well as 9.6 KW from wind turbines. The site has also been designed to collect storm water, minimizing the impact of wastewater runoff into the local sewer system. The building also boats a geothermal heat pump and reflective roofing materials. All shuttle buses from the parking facility to the terminal will be powered with biodiesel, compressed natural gas or use hybrid technology.

Beijing's terminal 3 was designed to be one of the world’s more environmentally sustainable airport terminal buildings. Amsterdam's Schipol airport has recently launched a program to make it the greenest, most sustainable airport in Europe. The LA International airport also has its own CSR initiatives to ensure that passengers minimize their aviation impact through effective operations.

CSR in the aviation industry has far reaching impacts considering that even the smallest effort will make enormous carbon savings and prove to be economically viable.

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Canopy Airport Parking’s 4,200 additional new parking spaces will help meet demand for parking at Denver International Airport as the airport braces for its’ busiest holiday season ever. Airport officials expect over 1.1 million travelers to pass through DIA during the 2010 Christmas Week, and the on-site Pikes Peak and East Economy parking lots had already filled by December 22, 2010.

“With the busiest Christmas ever underway, Canopy Airport Parking is a welcome and necessary addition to DIA parking options” Karl Kelman, Canopy’s marketing manager explained. “With over 4,200 new spaces, Canopy will have availability and free online reservations when other parking facilities fill. At Canopy Airport Parking, guests have an assured parking space, and can travel with complete confidence.”

“Canopy offers Indoor Valet, Covered Self-Park, and Open Air parking,” Kelman stated. “Indoor Valet is entirely new type of parking option for Denver International Airport. With a variety of discount programs available, we offer an array of parking options including the most economical covered parking at DIA – Frontier fliers can park covered at discounted open parking rates as an introductory offer.”

Canopy Airport Parking, located at 8100 Tower Road, entered into a promotional partnership with Frontier Airlines shortly before opening in the fall of 2010. Canopy offers Frontier Airlines travelers 100 Frontier EarlyReturns® bonus miles with every parking visit, a 25% discount on parking rates, and a free upgrade to the next class of parking.

Canopy Airport Parking operations began on November 24, 2010. The environmentally-focused parking facility operates Biodiesel, CNG and hybrid buses. Canopy’s multiple green features include on-site solar, wind, and geothermal energy generation. An Architectural Energy Corporation study concluded that Canopy’s green features cut total energy consumption by roughly 70%.

Canopy Airport Parking

About Canopy Airport Parking

Canopy Airport Parking was created by Greenscape Capital and Propark America as a cooperative project. Propark America operates 403 parking facilities nationally, offering custom parking management. Greenscape and Propark collaborated to develop Canopy Airport Parking as a prototype for environmental and efficient practices in the parking industry. Canopy Airport Parking will achieve LEED-certified Gold status and will become a Green Parking Council Demonstrator Site.

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Canopy Airport Parking

Local travelers flying out of Denver International Airport will get a new parking option on Wednesday with the opening of Canopy Airport Parking, a 4,200-space "green" private parking facility.

The $18.5 million parking facility has solar panels to generate power for electric-vehicle "juicebars" (recharging stations), wind turbines on site, locally produced geothermal energy for heating and cooling, and high-efficiency LED lights.

The aim is to be to be the "greenest" parking facility in the world, said John Schmid, chief executive officer with Propark America, which helped build it. The car park will offer an indoor valet parking service for $18 a day, a covered self-park option for $14 a day and open-air parking for $9 a day, Schmid said. Canopy has hired 100 employees, he said, after about 1,500 people attended a job fair sponsored by the company.

Propark chief development officer Tom Bechard said the new parking operation will maintain competitive prices with other private lots, and DIA itself, while offering extra amenities for travelers.

DIA's parking garages also charge $18 a day; DIA's valet parking service charges $27 a day. The Denver airport operates more than 40,000 parking spaces on its property, but Schmid contends there's a market for Canopy's service. "We're going to treat you like a hotel guest," he said.

The valet service allows travelers to drop off and pick up their vehicles in the company's climate-controlled indoor facility, Bechard said.

Call or text when you land, and Canopy's employees will have the vehicle ready and waiting for you in an indoor spot after you arrive at the lot on the company shuttle bus, Schmid said. The lot is located at 8100 Tower Road, just north of Peña Boulevard.

The company has 500 spaces for its indoor valet service, another 1,000 in the covered self-park area and 2,700 open-air self-park spaces. Canopy's operation is across Tower Road from USAirport Parking, another private, off-airport lot. USAirport charges $9 a day for open parking and $14 a day for covered spaces, which are under carport-style shelters.

Bechard said the traveling public sometimes has the perception that off-airport parking is far away. To that, he added, "We're like Mom; we drop you off at the terminal."

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Canopy Airport Parking

BMW Group DesignworksUSA has partnered with Canopy Airport Parking to create the brand experience, look and feel for what's anticipated to be the world's greenest parking facility.

Slated to open in time for the holiday season in November 2010 with capacity for 4200 vehicles, Canopy Airport Parking is located at 8100 Tower Road at Colorado's Denver International Airport and showcases a variety of advanced environmentally-friendly technologies, including solar power, geothermal, wind, CNG, Biodiesel and hybrid shuttles all helping to reduce consumption, costs and emissions. Canopy Airport Parking expects to attain LEED Gold certification and is also striving for Platinum certification by the Green Parking Council, the non-profit organization responsible for certifying parking structures that incorporate ecologically and socially beneficial technologies.

Through this collaboration, DesignworksUSA is developing systems for Canopy Airport Parking that create a unified and uniquely rewarding customer experience for patrons across all touch points. This experience will convey Canopy's values in an integrally connected manner to heighten the sustainable foundations of this facility, and build brand equity through a highly positive customer journey. This process began with DesignworksUSA first developing an identity that communicates the brand values, positioning and promises of the facility.

ev charging station

Garage Juice Bar charging stations for electric vehicles, also co-created by DesignworksUSA, will be among the many innovative technologies available to customers parking at Canopy Airport Parking. Garage Juice Bar provides charging on a complimentary basis to help speed the adoption and deployment of electric vehicles and charging stations across North America. Garage Juice Bar is a high-power Level-2 EV charging station with the SAE-approved J-1772 charge point that will work with all OEM EV cars.

ProPark, the operating partner at the Canopy Airport Parking Denver facility, is one of the leading parking companies in the United States and has been instrumental in aiding the evolution of the green parking movement. This initiative at DIA is the latest example of ProPark's commitment to advance sustainable systems and design within communities.

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airport parking coupons Not only is Denver International Airport one of the most sound airports around — its form mimics the Rocky Mountains that loom nearby — but it is about to bump its eco-friendly credentials sky high. Expected to be the world’s greenest parking lot, Canopy Airport Parking is slated to open this month just in time for holiday travelers. The airport is looking to reduce consumption, costs and emissions with energy from solar power, geothermal and wind and with shuttles powered by compressed natural gas, biodiesel and hybrid they are sure to keep their impact low. The lot will also feature ten free Juice Bar chargers for their greenest visitors – those with electric cars. The team at Denver International Airport has teamed up with BMW Group DesignworksUSA to complete the parking lot and they are expecting to earn a LEED Gold certification upon completion — they also might get a Platinum certification by the Green Parking Council. The parking lot is expected to not only excite visitors who own green vehicles, but it will surprise even gas-guzzling patrons with their clean technology. The Canopy Airport Parking project — previously known as Green Park — will be able to accommodate 4,200 vehicles once finished. Although the parking lot doesn’t mention whether or not it will include such sustainable features as a green roof, like this parking lot in Tokyo, we are impressed with their integration of all kinds of green technologies. With their clean buses and free EV charging stations, we’re thinking that once it’s open, Canopy Airport Parking is going to fill up pretty fast. See the original article here
Canopy Airport Parking

Canopy Airport Parking at DIA, a 4,200-stall parking lot servicing Denver International Airport, is setting a goal to be the world’s greenest parking facility.

The $32 million Green Park DIA, which is being built to LEED Gold standards from the U.S. Green Building Council, will incorporate a number of environmentally friendly aspects, according to a press release. Construction will take seven months. Green.Switch Capital Corp., a subsidiary of Greenscape Capital Group Inc., will build, operate and own the facility. ProPark USA, which operates 330 parking locations across North America, will own 10 percent of the operation and take part in management.

This facility will serve as a marketing showpiece for future business development. Green.Switch aims to sell its services as a third party green retrofitting operation to other parking facilities throughout North America. The facility will rely on both solar and wind energy, as well as harness methane from a landfill and use geothermal energy. The parking lot itself will feature porous pavement to prevent excessive runoff of chemicals into the water stream. The company expects net operating income of about $5.1 million a year, on sales of up to $19 million a year.

Customers of the parking facility will be shuttled back and forth to the airport in alternative-fuel shuttles.

In other news, Denver International Airport is planning to build a $7 million solar electric-generating system to power its fuel storage and distribution system. This is in addition to its existing 2-megawatt solar photovoltaic system near the terminal. The 1.6-megawatt project on about 9 acres north of the airfield will provide almost all the electricity needed to power the airport’s fuel farm.

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