Electric Vehicle (EV) Full Service Charging Stations are Open to Commuters!

Canopy Airport Parking offers 8 EV Juice Bar charging stations with Level 1, 2 and 3 connections located in covered and valet parking. Now Electric Vehicle owners driving through Commerce City and the DIA area can quickly charge their EV’s in the valet area with our full service quick charge. Canopy’s convenient location near E-470 and Tower Road make it easy to charge and be on your way, just follow the simple steps listed below.

Full Service Quick Charging Steps:

Take white ticket at main entrance and follow the signs to the indoor valet area.
Mention to the valet attendant that you would like to quick charge your EV and the attendant will park and charge your EV for you.
Enjoy our indoor lobby area with free snacks, coffee, newspapers, restrooms and Wi-Fi while you wait for your EV to charge.
Present your white ticket at the exit and pay for the time on your ticket. (Estimated to be less than $5; prices can vary depending on charging times).

Sign up for 5280 EV Club to save 30% at Canopy & earn rewards!

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